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Originally Posted by Phantom212 View Post
Okay so I'm back and this time with a (hopefully) better question. This time I decided it would be between the G&G M4 Carbine with plastic lower and the King Arms "cansoft" M4A1, it's not really cansoft because it's full metal but the hand grip, stock and fore grip are clear plastic.

KA M4A1 transparent $329.99 battery and charger not included.

G&G M4 Carbine $309.99 battery and "smart" charger included.

Also some people are saying that G&G uses a lot of plastic for their gear boxes like for the gearbox casing so could someone clear that up?
Get age verified. For an extra $11 you can get a full metal KA M4 here on ASC.

Too young to get AV'd? Wait!!!

Don't throw your money away on a clear piece of crap when real thing is the same price and much better.
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