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Originally Posted by KwGeek View Post
Okay I can see how reputation of a rentee is important and I can respect that.
But on the flip side of the coin, a Rentee reputation is not the only thing that is on the line.

Cause there has to a number of reputable Renter\Owner to the number of disreputable renters\Owners.

An as a Noob, I have yet to get to know the reputations of the player that I'm going to meet on the fields week in and week out. in effect making me an easy mark to be ripped off.

Cause how can I know that I'm not going to get scammed. being that I'm going to be put on the line for repairs if some thing happens to the gun.

Cause I can see a guy bring out a rental gun for me to use that is on it's last legs and the guy is just waiting for in to crap out. and since it was at the time being rented out, the guy could claim that it was the rentee fault that the gun crap out.

In effect he get the Rentee to pay for repairs, while the renter\Owner is Up $50 and he get's his crap gun repaired for free, because he set up the Mark to fail this way.

I know not every one is out to run a scam on me or the other Noob's, but there are those few people out there that are willing to pull a fast one over somebody, for a few fast bucks.
Internal problems should never be the rentee's problem - parts wear out from use. This has already been covered above. A gun crapping out (for whatever reason) is not the same as snapping a rifle in two (for example).
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