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The 'you break it you pay for repairs' rule is pretty much universal. I personally will rent out my loaners for the cost of said renter lugging my gear up the hill to our field and back down again. Other members of my group usually charge $10-15. A couple of them will loan for free. And that almost always includes a hicap full of ammo as well.

In reading the other posts in this thread I'm amazed at how much some people are charging. Do people charge $50 and actually get takers? Four games at that price will buy you an Aftermath gun, six will get you a JG. I'd rather sit out airsoft for a month and a half to own my gun then rent at that price.
The rental cost would vary, but the two major considerations to how much to rent for would be, in my opinion:

1) Make/Model/Condition of the rental - If I was renting an Aftermath, then $15-25 would likely be my range. If I was renting a VFC, then $50-60 easy. I think a reasonable rate would be between 8-10% of the new cost of the gun.

2) The reputation of the rentee - If I know personally know the renter and his/her attitude towards my equipment, I may slide it up or down the rental cost scale accordingly. Someone with a rep of taking care of equipment or paying for field-related repairs will slide down the scale, potentially to $free if the rep is solid. Conversely, an unknown player or known equipment abuser will slide the other direction, potentially to the point of not renting.

Some people just want to experience the hardware first-hand before dropping the cash. For example, M4's may all look the same externally (for the most part), but internally they may behave differently - saying an Aftermath will stand up to the same level of abuse as a VFC would, in my opinion, be a stretch.
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