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My name is Scott, I'm 26, and I'm completely new as an airsoft player.
I've been invested in Paintball for a short while, and after painting my marker in camo a friend said "It'd look better with a functioning magazine and no hopper".
I figure since I already have all the combat gear, I might as well get a gun and play more combat sports.
I work currently at National Oilwell Varco, and like to read, paint miniatures, and game across all platforms. I started into SCSs (Sim Combat Sports) to help get into better shape, because CoD wasn't helping that at all
I've decided to register here to hope to benefit from the communities collective knowledge as I have yet to get a gun or actually play.
I'm also on EAR under the same username and will be AV'd as soon as I can get to Capital Airsoft in Edmonton.
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