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Tips and Guidelines on renting Guns from players

Okay I was out today at the flag raiders airsoft game and I was talking with people here and there while they were off the field, (oh by the way thanks to all the advice from the few guys I talk too, it was very helpful)
an the one thing that stood out to me for the moment is, that as a Noob and right now a guy that's tight on funds, that I should think about renting guns from fellow player before buying.

One of the top reasons I got to rent , was it would enable me to try out different guns and brands so that I can get a feel for the guns and see what I would like to get for myself in the future.

Now the thing is, that I'm going to be renting from fellow players, as right now the field is not renting out airsoft guns.

So I just want to know, is there any guidelines that I should follow when it come's to renting.

One thing I know is that, I should treat the gun being rented to me with respect and treat it as if it were my own gun. basically I should return the gun in the same condition or a little worst for ware (the sort of condition that comes from after normal game play) to the rentier\original owner.

Now because I'm renting, what is the average going rate for a Gun? because I don't wanted to be cheated out of my cash and also I don't want to stiff a guy that being kind enough to let me use his own personal equipment.

looking forward to hearing what you all have to say
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