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Thank you all once again for the responses. Kuro_Neko... That is one massive reply, Lol.

I figure that for the gun, my price range is in the $550 mark. I've got a Vest(Which should do for now. I think it has room for 5 Mags, as well as a couple other pouches and is Molle Compatible on the back. I'm planning to get a LBV later on as I find them more comfortable than the Tac-Vest.)and I've got some Woodland Camo which can be upgraded to something better at a later point. I've also got a pair of Combats I use to go Hiking in. Would it be suggested to wear a balaclava or a steel mesh half-mask, paired with the ballistic goggles to soften BB's to the face? A good charger is probably going to be something I buy right away. Which charger is suggested? An Auto-Cut-off?

Well, I've got my eyes on the ARES G36C, Or the CA M15A4. How is SRC generally viewed? I've seen their products everywhere, but nobody really mentions them all that much? From the little I have read on them, their Gen 3's seem to be decent contenders in the Airsoft market using Nylon Fiber instead of ABS, and Metal and wood on their AK's, etc. I ask because I was also eying the SRC G36KV with the battery in the folding stock. I really like the look of it. I would say that for my starting budget, to spend all at one time would be at around $750-$800 for the basic essentials as well as the gun.
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