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Paintball goggles will work anywhere and is the standard.

Sealed ballistics come in a close second but will not be allowed on paintball fields (insurance purposes). Even if ballistics will stop a .50 BMG it's generally not ASTM certified for paintball use and will not be allowed.

Third is ballistic glasses but the problem there is there is a "chance" of it coming in at an angle and maybe bouncing around and hitting you in the eye but it's your choice to take that risk. I don't like taking that risk however I have played a few times with ballistics.

Don't get anything else. Shop glasses will work to an extent but the way they test for that you're really in the "danger zone" of it potentially not protecting you (from a frontal strike as well as the bb coming in at an angle and taking your eye out).

Footwear is always recommended. Combat boots, or hiking boots will work. I personally use hiking boots. It's generally not a good idea to use work boots (CSA approved) because they're heavy and not very fun, that is unless you like ankle weights and want to train yourself to run faster, jump higher or whatever. They're not terrible but not ideal either.
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