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Originally Posted by Brunkex View Post
I was thinking about the G36 because it has room for some accessories, as well as being able to use it as an assault rifle, and partially an smg due to the folding stock. Are the CA models, and ARES models practically the same? Or is one better than the other?
The ARES model is probably the better of the two, and that is reflected in the cost. Frankly the CA and ARES models are the only two I'd consider. All other G36 bodies are made from ABS -ARES and CA make theirs from nylon. Not only is it textured better, it's a lot stronger and doesn't shine like ABS does.

You have 3 models with the '36. The standard full size one, the 'K' which is a little shorter with a shorter stock, and the 'C' which is the shortest. I have a full size one and a 'C'. I like the long gun but in CQC or close woodland it's a bit of a bitch to maneuver. The 'C' is small and compact and fun to run around with.

One thing to consider about the CA G36 (full size one, not sure about the ARES version).. the barrel length is 495mm, not 509mm like a standard M16, and the diameter if the flash hider is narrower than the outer diameter of the barrel, which means it has to be machined out ever so slightly to fit a new T/N barrel in (Classic Army makes a T/N for the G36, but the barrel is complete crap).

Another thing about the G36 is that I have yet to encounter 2 different manufacturers that make them to the same tolerances. So fitting different parts on them is always a bit of an exercise. Overall though I love it and the G36 is still the favorite of all my guns.

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