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There's the Red Ryder air rifle for $45 at CT.

Remington, Walther, and Crosman all make some pretty decent air rifles in the $150 range.

Then you can go Benjamin and Beeman if you want to spend some cash, and if you want to spend even more get a PAL and buy Gamo, Air Force, or Hammerli.

Don't get a cheap airsoft pistol. You'll be severely disappointed especially at anything beyond 5 metres. Also, those guns usually break after a while and when they do it's best to just toss them in the garbage, they're definitely not worth repairing nor are there repair parts that I know of for them. Whether it's 100 shots or 10,000 shots it will break whereas with "real" airsoft guns they generally last and there are a host of repair and upgrade parts available.
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