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3-5 120 round midcap mags is what I have found to be my sweet spot some carry more some less, its all about the style of player you are, and the type of gameday it is as well, milsim I use way fewer BBs than I would on a skirmish day so i only carry 2 mags plus one in the gun, but for a skirmish day ill carry 4 plus one in the gun.

Also its about how you like to play, if you prefer realism over not-so-realism, you might prefer realcaps or lowcaps most people playing this way carry 10 or 11 mags, fewer bbs per load and more reloading, plus also having to be conceous on how many bbs you have in the mag, how many you have shot, and how many mags you have left before you have to pull back and reload them. If you want to learn some trigger dicipline this is a good way to do it.
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