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Originally Posted by Ming_the_Merciless View Post
I've ran into the similar situation before, when a billing address doesn't coincide with the shipping address, and the business calls to confirm, not a bid deal, actually nice effort to curb possible fraudulent use. However, having you call them so that you incur long distance charges, isn't right, they should have schedule a time for when they could reach you, if they were persistent on speaking to you voice to voice.

The more I think about it, the more I realize, if I have an option, I'll typically go online to find it first, as it can be cheaper even with shipping, rather than dealing with the mark up locally, that's with airsoft or other items. But now, more and more, I realize that even with the mark up locally, returns and warranties can quickly be addressed on the spot, without having to deal with the ordeal of return shipping, ordeal of back orders, and the back and forth through email or time spent on the phone with dealing with different customer service representatives or automated system - that is assuming you can what your looking for locally.
Well, when both addresses used for the order are both confirmed and verified on my PayPal account - I don't see the purpose of making an expensive international phone call in my case.

What would the difference be between asking me the verification questions by phone and email? The only purpose in doing so is to verify if I was actually a person and not just a robot - and I can assure you that I am not the former, lol.
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