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Originally Posted by Drache View Post

It was all blown way out of proportion, says Nicole Gorges. The mother of three is referring to the incident Tuesday when police confiscated three airsoft guns from her kids after it was reported they were shooting at a vehicle.

"There is no way in hell I'd let that happen," says Gorges. "I would never allow that to happen. I'm a good mother."

She says she took the kids to Walmart where they bought the airsoft guns for less than $15 each.

Gorges says the plastic pistols are a step above Nerf guns and they shoot small round plastic balls.

An RCMP press release stated there were five kids in the vehicle and the occupants were shooting pellets randomly over the roof and outside of the vehicle. The release also says all five children belong to Gorges and they were aged 11 to 16. In the report a witness says his vehicle was shot at.

Gorges says the police have it all wrong.

"One of my sons was behind me while I was driving and I could see exactly what he was doing. I would never allow him to be shooting out at cars or people or anything like that. He was just shooting one of the signs next to the mail box."

Gorges says there were five kids in the car, three of them were hers and the other two were friends of her kids. She says only her eldest, who is 15, not 16 (as reported by the RCMP), was using the airsoft gun.

"A pick-up truck was coming from the other direction and he saw this and he made a big deal about this. I'm not a neglecting mother and I would never allow that to happen."

The mom says her son was bugging her to let him try the gun out.

"I was just going to the mail box and we waited until no one was around and my son wanted to try out this cheap $15 gun on a sign and I said sure, just give it one shot. It was no big deal. I knew there would be no damage."

She says the police threatened to bring in Social Services.

"They are not going to find anything. I'd like it if they did because I know I'm a good mom."

She is angry it was made out to be a "big shoot-out." She says a person passed them in a truck and he took down her licence. She swears her children did not shoot at the vehicle.

"My boys have their hunting licenses, they treat guns with respect; they're not kids that go and stir up problems. They are recyclers who work with their father at his recycling company. They do things to help others - they know not to do stuff like that. They earned enough money to go and buy these toy guns and they (RCMP) took them with them."

Gorges says her kids have learned a lesson and so has she.

"They learned how serious it could be if we were doing anything like that around the city or people. It was devastating for the kids."

She says she was shot with the little plastic balls and they don't hurt and they don't leave a mark. She says she's learned her lesson and will not be allowing her kids to shoot anything from a vehicle. Instead, she says, they will set up targets like they planned.

Gun Test

Castanet purchased one of the inexpensive guns from Walmart and I had my son shoot me from a distance of 10 metres. It did sting and it did leave a mark. We also did a demonstration with the gun on cardboard and the BBs left indents. It is possible they could chip paint off of signs. The matter is not how much damage the weapons could cause it is the way they were being used.

*There is also a 1 minute video showing a kid shooting one and the "damage" it does to cardboard*
Well, that makes me feel all better now... I'm glad she cleared all that up. Bad RCMP for thinking that a bunch of kids waving guns and shooting things while the Mom was driving is the wrong thing to do. And I'm glad she NOW knows that you shouldn't do that.

WOW... how does this woman get up in the morning and make it through the day?! It's amazing that being that stupid that she has made it through life thus far.
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