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Another underage airsoft incident. "Kelowna police stop car after kids fire pellet guns at traffic as mom drives" The Pellet guns were Stinger P311s.

I normally don't post these things when I find them, and do not think that this has been posted yet.

But due to what I think is a complete lack of parenting I shall post this.

At least its being called a pellet gun so far.

Heres the story incase the link gets removed.
(Also has A Picture of a clear Stinger P311)

Kelowna RCMP have called in social workers after five kids shot pellets at moving traffic from a car as their mother drove.

The children, aged 11 to 16, were pointing the guns and firing shots in the air from their vehicle as it drove through a rural area of East Kelowna on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers tracked down the vehicle and pulled over the family after another driver complained the kids pointed a gun at him and shot at his vehicle.

The officer found the youngsters were firing pellets randomly outside the vehicle and over the roof and the mother admitted she knew what they were doing .

A police spokeswoman said the mother thought her children were only shooting at road signs.

Police seized three pellet guns – all Stinger P311s – and the pellets. They looked real from a distance, which could have caused a crash in itself, said Sergeant Ann Morrison.

“These guns looked and felt real to [the officer]. There's potential for injury or death. We have a distracted driver or drivers on the roadway. They're operating a deadly piece of machinery.”

No charges were laid Tuesday. Police will follow up with the Ministry of Children and Family Development to ensure the mother gets the message, Sgt. Morrison said.

“The driver knew what was happening. We have an obligation to send a referral to the ministry.”

I hope topic has been place in the correct place.

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