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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
you are one of the few people who's nickname is actually very descriptive.
thanks I'll take that as a compliment.
I have been roleplaying and I play and own a number of games from the world of darkness series of game both old and new and for a number of years I played in a long running larp Called Waterloo by Night.

I also play video game quite a bit, hell I own a copy of both of the Army of Two games and I own the fallout 3 limited edition with lunch box and Vault boy Bobble head. I read comic books, so in short, I am a geek and damn proud of it as well.

But just to bring the discussion back to airsoft, I can see how roleplaying and AS can fit together, the only problem is that, unlike tabletop or RPS larps every thing is stat related and how good you are in some thing is dictated by your persona's stats. in airsoft you are only as good at some thing as you your self are skilled at in that area.

But that's not to say that that can not changed with a little practice.
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