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AirsoftGI - Order Processing Extremely Slow for July 2011

Just releasing some steam, but the processing at AirsoftGI is incredibly slow. I ordered a number of parts and items from multiple retailers in California to Hong Kong, and ironically the first place I ordered from, for my MK18 build, AirsoftGI, is the last order that has yet to issue a tracking number, coupled with the ground shipping, that's nearly two weeks since the original order date that I can expect my products to arrive, assuming there aren't any back orders - at the time I placed the order everything was in stock, but having my PO sit in processing for 5 days, means that with their shared inventory system with the store front, someone could have walked in and purchased the last item that I had ordered. To rub further salt into the wound, ironically my parts arrived clear across the Pacific faster than from west coast! That includes the journey, and clearing US Customs. If I had known that the processing time can now take upwards to 5+ days, I would have ordered elsewhere, coupled now that the items I ordered may be back ordered, has me irritated to say the least. This isn't my first time ordering from AirsoftGI, I used them frequently a few years back, and they typically shipped the same day - so they fell short of my expectations now. Perhaps I've been spoiled from using other major retailers, electronics to firearm retailers like Newegg or MidwayUSA, but irregardless I am disappointed. So FYI, if you're in any rush, or have expectations of same day shipping with AirsoftGI - scratch that. Processing time, turn around till shipping can now take upwards to 5 working days.
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