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Well I had no real reason to post in here because I figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt but this is the third time in two weeks I've had an issue now.

Ordered some stuff from who are always awesome and careful when packing and sending stuff. Package got here and they jammed it into my mailbox, barely making it fit. What was in this package you ask? It was a damn flashlight. They closed the door on my box so hard that it broke the lens. Cheap fix, but still.

Had some magazines come in. I was home the entire day, they didn't bother ringing my doorbell or anything. They just left the slip with directions written out on it. That just confused the hell out of me because it's always the same postal outlet I go to. I had to wait until the next day to go get them. When I got there there they didn't have the package there, it was at another one. Alright, maybe it was a new guy life goes on just a little bit of extra walking.

Just bought a suppressor off a member here, he mailed it out Monday. It had less than 6 hours to go from point A to point B. Tuesday check the tracking progress. 08:58 it went out for delivery. Got excited but nothing. Figured I'd see it today.
Checked tracking progress today and it was delivered yesterday at 11:58 apparently. Fiancee didn't get it that's for sure. Called Canada Post and the woman told me I had to contact the sender and make sure he sent it. What? Seriously? I know he sent it, I have a damn tracking number!

Seriously, it seems that since they got forced back to work they no longer give a damn. Just my rant, I know it isn't as bad as some of the horror stories I've read on here, but still pretty pissed. Now me and the seller have to go through the whole process of BS that is Canada Posts resolution team. Oh happy days!

Thank you for listening.
/end rant
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