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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
ARRRRG this stinks of paintball

When I see people running around with their stock folded .. holding the gun up to their nose.. it makes me want to trample kittens in my Jack boots,
Haha. I hate it when I see people use their gun like a fire hose and aim with the BBs trail. =)

But seriously, I have yet to find a mask that works well with guns with low sights, like AKs. I have a thin face, so all the masks are way too large for me. I had to fold my mesh mask so much that I look like a bird while wearing it.

Anyway, my work around for this problem was quite simple, I moved to pistol only in CQB. Works with any mask and it's a lot more fun.

But I think I will start running around with my AK with its stock folded again, I hate kittens. ;)
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