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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
What is it you'd have us do?

Decide exactly what you want the seller to do to make things right, but be reasonable. For example, you can ask that he refund the price of the rifle and you return it to him as the state of the gun was misrepresented. Or you can ask that he cover the repair work. You can't arbitrarily make demands, however.

You must make every effort to clear it up with him. If he doesn't make any effort to respond, state his position, and negotiate a reasonable settlement, we can take certain actions although it's generally limited to revoking AV status.

Also, please provide a link to the original sales thread so that it can be marked / preserved as part of a trade dispute.
I told him that a refund would be nice, so that I could purchase another gun, and that I would pay the return shipping.

is a link the the ad itself. I have send an email and a ASC pm to him with my request, I have yet to hear back. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!
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