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Airsoft larps and Roleplaying

first off , I was unsure if this is board would be the right one for this discussion, so if it's the wrong one, my apologies to every one.

Now I'm still new to airsoft, but I'm not at all new to roleplaying and larps.
An well I just wanted to know if I was to make my way to a airsoft larp, just how much roleplaying should I be expecting?

I know that airsoft lends it self perfectly to Cyberpunk, shadowrun and other types of post apocalyptic type of setting. I can also see it be use in more modern setting games like Vampire: the Masquerade and other White-wolf world of darkness games.

cause I have been in One too many RPS ( Rock-Paper-Scissors) mass combats that last way too long that I gave up on the whole larp scene.

Now I just wondering, at these airsoft larps, are there areas set up that are combat free areas? that it safe to take off you goggles if you choose to do so. An if so are these area set up for roleplaying over combat?

Also another thing, when I use to pantball, the rule was One hit= kill.
But I have heard that in airsoft that that's not always that case, that you are allow multiple hits before you have to call your self out. I understand that depends on the game and the rules that day. that sort of reminds the hitpoint system that most roleplaying games use.

I also know that most people that airsoft play to shoot other people, but being that I use to roleplay, I know that a good PC should have both a stats in ranged and close combat (most often either in melee or brawl) for a number of reasons, save on ammo, stealth kills and so forth.

I also understand that MILSIM are a form of roleplaying for some (or that's what it looks like to me from what I've seen online so far)

Anways, that's it for me so far, i look forward to hearing any and all thoughts about airsoft and roleplaying. just to get a better idea of how the two go together.

thanks for you time
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