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Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
Hello everyone,

I am attempting to fix a KSC P226 wall hanger that I bought a long time ago.
The part that is needed is a small spring that resets the hammer (Part 20).

I have been unable to find any Canadian stores that have this part. While there are many stores in the US carries the part I need, brownells seems to be the most well known.

So my question is; has anyone ordered from them? And how were the shipping charges?

I guess I should also ask the obligatory "will this part make it into Canada" question as well.

Brownells is a good reputable company, ordered from them a few times, but usually I head to MidwayUSA first, deals are better, and since I am pretty close, shipping usually is always next day. Good luck finding a SIG parts dealer up there, that's ridiculous, that such an small spring is ITAR controlled, especially when SIG sells these guns and parts internationally. I also know that topgunsupply, state side, has a wide selection of SIGs, so they might have the part you need as well.
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