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Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
When using a full face mask, I like to use a gun without a stock, or with a folding stock. This way you can line up the gun in front of your eyes without having to shoulder it. It is not as accurate as with a properly shouldered gun, but it's better than not using the sights at all. Anyway, if you are playing with a full face mask, you are probably playing in CQB, so long range accuracy is not much of an issue in this case.
ARRRRG this stinks of paintball

How bout trying to get gear that works? I run a full face mask most of the time, cost me 15 bucks .. fitted to a set of ESS Stryker Thermal Goggles..

The mask is low profile and affords a perfect cheek-weld.

When I see people running around with their stock folded .. holding the gun up to their nose.. it makes me want to trample kittens in my Jack boots,

but then I'm an elitist prick...
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