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Ok, here is what I know, heard and experienced with mosquitoes.
1- Eating bananas attract mosquitoes due to the potassium in it.
2- I think that eating garlic helps, only helps, avoid mosquitoes.
3- Women are more attacked by mosquitoes because of the homones they produce, progesterone and oestrogen. As the mosquitoes that bite are females and need one of the two hormone to be able to lay eggs.(don't remenber which one tho)
4- Using fern is a good quick way when in urgent need to repell mosquitoes. Juste scrub all exposed parts of your body, there are no real threat about using the wrong plant unless you can't differenciate(sp?) fern from Poison Ivy. :lol:
5- Not washing your self is a myth. It does not repell mosquitoes, only people around you. You might wash your self while not using soap and shampoo as those are perfumed, and perfumes attracts mosquitoes

Note: I am not a scientist or an MD, so some information given above might be erronous. Don't take all this for granted. But I'm quite confidente on what I wrote.

Here is an advice.
Wear long sleeves clothing and try to close all openings that lead to skin. Basically, only hands and head should be exposed. and do not forget to close your pant legs around your ankles as mosquitoes will go up the pants and sting.

And for those who wish to buy Tiger balm, I've seen quite a lot on the shelves of kicking stores, and probably Walmart has it, somewhere.

This is what I had to say...
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