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ASC and it's member can only facilitate things. Local players might try to open other lines of comm, there is info on your resources in case of fraud and stuff like that. If the other guy doesn't make a reasonable attempt at solving this his AV status will be pulled.

As for random people posting here, it's not encouraged because it just leads to lynch mobs who will probably do more harm than good. Stupid arguments ensue then it's no longer about the trade issue and stupid bullshit seeps in. People are more than welcome to chime in if they have something to add, but just adds irrelevant chatter.

For now, give the guy a day or two to get back to you. People have lives. Still doesn't excuse shitty comms, but heh.

How was the payment issued? This matters since there are various recovery solutions, depends how you forked over the cash.

Sorry for the bad first impression, usually people here are on the level.
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