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Originally Posted by Kit View Post
No problem Ronald. Everyone here should respect everyone and not pull shit like this, we are all adults.. it's unprofessional and creates problems between people on this great forum. Everyone should get along when it comes to buying someones merchandise or selling it. Not send money to someone and not send a tracking number in return to see where the item is if its been shipped to the buyer. Honestly if I was an admin or a mod id ban their I.P address and not allow them to attend games that are hosted. Witch I think is extremely fair. Yet the local Police should also get involved to possibly lay charges on the individual.

Sorry about the rant guys but it pisses me off when people do this shit.

But honestly Ronald I hope you get something back your money or your item you bought.

Thanks again Eric.

Certainly I will take whatever legal action needed to get this resolved.

I am a bit disappointed of the complete silence and lack of any concrete action or advice from ASC's staff so far. As it is imperative for them to maintain a good reputation of this website, and protect the interest of their members.

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