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Scammed when buying from classifieds need advice please read!!!

Hey guys,

I have a huge problem... I just joined airsoft canada not too long ago, and I have been wanting to join for ages so I could buy from the classifieds. About two weeks ago, I made my first purchase, a CYMA M14 from a user with the screen name mcgruber. His real name being Deiter Gruber, but I'm not sure if that is fake or not.

The ad said that it came with a new G&G mechbox. Through countless emails, I asked various questions, including the fps, condition and if everything worked perfectly. He told me that it shot 380 fps, it was in perfect condition and everything worked amazing.

When I got it (about 3 days ago) I was excited, I put the battery in and it cycled fine, but didn't seem to have much pressure. Yesterday I took it to a game at adrenaline paintballs outdoor field and was incredibly disappointed. It cronographed at 150 fps, 8 of the 13 mags did not feed, the bolt assembly was broken, the fire selector switch was missing and the safety did not work whatsoever.

Upon having one of the gun techs open the gun up on site, we found out it did not have a G&G mechbox, but a cheap Chinese made one, and the piston had been replaced with one too small for the cylinder, resulting in a huge loss of pressure. We also found various parts such as springs, and one shim missing. The guys there at the field told me to post something on ASC to see what everyone else thought, I have sent an email to him asking for my money back in exchange for the rifle, but he is not responding. Is there a way to get ahold of a moderator about this? I am new, and really don't know the whole works.

What should I do? I spent 450 dollars on the gun, and I have no clue what I should do... Please any advice is helpful.. I'm an 18 year old dude and I saved forever for that gun. Thanks so much,


timeline of events;

Jun 24: I saw his ad for a CYMA M14 with a G&G mechbox and 13 mags for 450.

Jun 30th: after messaging back and forth on ASC, we moved to hotmail so he could receive messages to his phone. This was also the first day I had said I was interested in purchasing the gun.

July 5: I let him know that I would have the money by the coming friday for the gun.

July 6: He gave me his banking information, and told me the gun shot 370 fps and all the mags worked perfectly and that he would ship the same day.

July 7: I let him know that I had EMT'd the money to him, and he said he would ship the gun in the morning.

July 11: Package was returned to him, he must have written the wrong shipping address. It was re-sent that day.

July 19: Gun arrives. I opened the box to find everything he said should be there, and after looking a bit I saw that the bolt was broken, and one of the mags would not lock into the gun. I didn't investigate much more. I left a positive feedback for him, thinking everything was good.

July 24: I played a walk on game at Adrenaline paintball field. Before playing you have to chrono to make sure your shooting within the limits, I chrono'd the gun and it shot anywhere between 125-200 fps, and was very staggard sounding, and it would shoot full auto in semi. The safety did not work at all. I also noticed that some of the mags did not feed. At this point I was very frustrated, so I had one of the gun techs on site open the gun up to see what was wrong. First off, they said that springs were missing causing the fire selector and safety not to work. Second, they saw that the mechbox was not G&G made. Third, they noticed that the piston meant to be in the cylinder had been swapped out for one too small so that there was hardly any compression then cycled. 8 of the total 13 mags did not feed properly. That night I sent a message to him regarding the issues, but have yet to hear back.

July 25: Added another up to date trade rating for him, and posted this thread to let others know. Talked with some guys at adrenaline paintball for advice, and they said to give it 3 or 4 days for him to come clean before getting too into things.

July 27: Still no reply

July 28: He has responded saying if I would like a refund he will deal with it soon. I sent him my refund request, pending an email back.
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