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Possible Fraud Status - Seller's name "Blacklist" - selling Top M4A1

I have been holding this back but I believe it is beneficial for protection of ASC member's interest to post this earlier.

1) The Cause of this post

Full payment via EMT for the item accepted by seller on 20 July, who promised to give me the tracking number but until now, despite I have been following-up with PMs and e-mails ,I receive no shipping details at all.

2) Seller's reason

He claimed, via PM on July 22, item was sent out, and he worked in law enforcement and was always on shift, and would send me the tracking number once he got home.

3) The Facts

In his ASC profile, he joined on Aprill 2011, and occupation is "Honda Technition". Not law enforcement. Not sure if someone can change his job so drastically in such a short period of time.

From the ASC forum indicator, he is frequently on ASC, not sure if law enforecment on shifts could have so much free time to access internet.

And no "sold" or "banana" is put on his sales thread so far.

4) Action I have taken

22 July - Seek advice and help through PMs and e-mails to a few ASC staff. I got one staff's reply, who advised me to report the post to get the adm staff's attention.

23 July - I reported the post but received no further contact from ASC's staff. A few ASC friends gave me some valuable advice instead.

23 July - With the hope to settle this matter in the easy way, I sent a final notification to the seller requesting his kind understanding of my worries and:

a) send me the shipping details right the way; OR
b) give me a full refund.

5) My Request to ASC Staff

I believe it is important to protect other ASC member's interest before this matter is clarified/resolved.

So kindly review my report of the post as soon as possible and suspend this post in question, so as to ensure no other ASC members approach the seller and make any further payment.

Please advise me what should I do as a next step via PM or e-mail.

6) To ASC members

Please be alerted the sales thread in question. The link is It is your own choice and risk if you'd still like to contact the seller, but I highly suggest you not to do so until the case is clairfied and settled.


7) To the seller - Blacklist

I sincerely hope this is just a matter of miscommunication or misunderstanding and could be settled in a prompt and easy manner.

Kindly response to one of my above requests.

8) My Own Next Step - Status Update

I would post the progress of this matter from time to time for other ASC member's reference.

Like other ASC members, I would like to spend my very HARD EARNED MONEY to buy some good airsoft items happily. So I still hope this matter could be settled easily soon. But for sure, I would look into other options if all the above effort fails.

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