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How Many Mags to start off with.

Hey all

I have been looking at many different AS rifles and I'm at the moment I'm looking at the
WETTI AWSS M4 GBBR Cansoft (Gen 3) - GG/Propane

cause the price looks good and for my first gun, I think that it will fill my needs for the moment.

But I was wondering how many extra Magazines I should add to my order?

I was thinking that if I get 2 more on top of the 1 I get with the gun that I be able to carry 90 rounds on me during play. 30 in the gun 60 on my Vest.

is this too few Mags? do I need to think about more then having 3 mags on me during play?

I understand that my need will depend on the game scenario from time to time. But for just starting off, what would you guys suggest?

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