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Hi Nicolo:

While Hamilton seems to be rather quiet in terms of paintball activity participants and events, i certainly do think that there is potential room for growth.

We do have a paintball field relatively close to us in Mount Hope, called Soldier of Fortune - just south to Hamilton Mountain. There have been regular weekend airsoft events there this summer, but due to inter-forum issues/politics they aren't being posted here - only on the Airsoft Ontario forum, and on FB. Perhaps this will change in time.

I myself am very new to airsoft, and i dare say somewhat older than the average player attending these events. It's still all very much good fun. Having attended the past few Soldier of Fortune field events, i do see the potential room for growth among the Paintballer's there, to convert over to the 'Darkside' of Airsoft - plenty of curiosity and interest shown in those that are being exposed to it by our relatively new, regular presence there. The operators of Soldier of Fortune also appear to be quite enthusiastic about the potential in growth of Airsoft in use of their field on a regular basis.

As Coogles mentioned, there is Black Widow paintball, who have expanded into the airsoft side of the business, as well as Hamilton Tactical for gear, located next door in a shared business unit. Perhaps with expanded interest in all things Airsoft in this region, it'll open up the market to more competition, and prices will moderate somewhat. Prices are high as compared to the GTA retailers, but that is the cost of not having to deal with the traffic to get to them, at present.

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Not really an airsoft shop but there is a paintball store called Black widow that sells pricey parts and pricey airsoft guns.

There is a some players from Hamilton, but I notice most of them hang out on the airsoft Ont forum. We have most of the Hamilton guys on here

We go to games in Toronto, Niagara, Kitchener , or other places.

But in all honestly, Hamilton is very dead for airsoft I notice.
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