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Well, as the Canadian distributor, this is the first I've heard of these issues. Before I started selling Green Devils, I purchased several cases, made numerous sample packs and sent them to over 2 dozen players across the country I knew would give me the straight goods on the quality of the product. I didn't tell them the name of the product or that they were Bio's. All they knew was the weights and that I'd asked for them to shoot them through every gun they could and tell me straight up if they were good or bad. I received zero complaints. Everyone who responded (over half did reply) stated that Green Devils were as good or better that whatever they were using at the time and that they fed way better in certain guns than most other brands they'd used. I did this test as I do not like crap. Those who know me personally can attest to that. I would not risk my business or reputation selling poor quality product, especially one not previously available in Canada, when I could have just as easily stayed with selling Excel or even carrying BB Bastard.

I was at OP Mason Relic III for two days before the event, the two days of the event and two days after the event. I heard of not one single issue. Not one person came to me with a problem with the product the entire time I was there. I checked with the chrono station numerous times and was not told of any issues with the product. Not one. While I understand some of these issues did not happen at the event, still, not one person contacted me to tell me they were having issues. The only issue, per sae, I knew about was some heat damaged BB's sent out as samples. As every bag of samples are hand packed, they did not leave our shop damaged. We surmised that CP may have placed the envelope on or near a heater as they were shipped out in winter.

If there are issues with product, I would appreciate knowing about these issues so we can address them. If you have issues with Green Devils, please let me know and I'll get details from you and address them with the owner in the UK and the factory. We want to make the best Certified Bio BB available.

Now, there are those that just don't like Bio's. That's fine. I wouldn't begin to tell you what you should shoot with. At Claybank, the decision to use bios was the Historical Society and the organiser, not mine or BB Bastard. I've always told my clients to shoot whatever gives you the best performance in your guns. Only be brand faithful if that brand works best for you.
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