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Your going to have a lot of fun in the near future. This is what I have been going through since June 6. My package was not addressed properly. It was sent to the depot. I called same day and they said they have 10 business days to make a decision on updating the address (they wont ship it to a local pick up and let me show ID and pick it up). The catch is that package will be returned to sender in 5 days. So no suprise for me it has been returned to sender (day before the strike). They told me RTS mail is the lowest of the low to CP and can take months to get back to the sender (and thats when things are running normal), as there is NO priority. It was just today that something happened and all it was, was the package had arrived at the returned mail depot. Call CP and have them open a trace. They can tell you why it has ended up where it has and might be able to correct things before its RTS. It will get dealt with its just a matter of time and lots of it. I wish you the best and hope you get it sorted out without it being RTS.

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Seem so... I will ask the sender about the address he wrote on the parcel.
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