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My CA 249 Jammed on Green Devils
My ICS L85 Jammed on Green Devils (had to pick them out. then when I did I found one in the hop with a skin around it.. NICE.... showed it to Amos and well we both had a good laugh.

the Even Jammed in my MP9 GBB Yep.. sorry can't trust bbs that are bad.
one of the BB's I pulled out of my 249 from Chrono (never ran it the first day) was not round... it was oval...

anywho just my experience.
I never bought Green Devils for CB I stuck with BB Bastard.

BUT I will say this... I do hate Bio BB's

took the 1 bag of BB Bastards I had left and about a week ago put them into a bunch of my MP9 Mags.
then never gamed the MP9.
the gun and the mags loaded sat in a car. in about +30 degree heat.

anywho 2 days later went to empty the mags and had to pick every bb out of the mag by hand something went seriously wrong with the Bio BB from BB Bastard..

I wish we could run the regular styrene BB's at claybank... Much better..

anywho my experience

Never will by Green Devils
Won't buy BB Bastard's Bio BB again unless Claybank forces me to...

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