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I'm not entirely convinced you should pick a gun based on how easy it will be to fix. Any fix will be a pain in the ass, but not impossible because there are some VERY good how to videos on Youtube. A few days ago my G36 trigger contacts burned out, so I had to crack open the gearbox for the first time. Thanks to Youtube I got it back together in perfect working condition. It did however take me 5 hours because I had to do some electrical troubleshooting when it didn't work the first time, along with some de-soldering and re-soldering.

I personally don't like ICS M4s because their mags sit low in the magwell and look funny. You may also want to consider that the M4 is the most generic gun. You should also consider what kind of field you want to play in.

I really think you should wait until you get AV'ed to get a gun. If you wait till then you'll have a bigger budget so you can can a better gun. Another thing is its just going to sit in your case collecting dust. I actually got a gun before I moved to Canada (I didn't know importation was illegal back then), and it was sitting in my case collecting dust until I turned 18 a few months ago.
That's why I was considering the Sig 552 because I'm going to be playing cqb mostly and I really don't want to have a gun that everyone else has, even though there is benefits to that. I never noticed that on the ICS m4's but you're right. I think the ICS Sig 552 or 551 is going to be something I will really like, although going against the poll. But like Death2000 pointed out, well that kinda speaks for it's self.
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