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First aeg help

Pretty soon I will be starting into airsoft I know what gear I want/need, but i need help picking from some guns I will list in a bit. First of all I can't get age verified yet I'm a few years a way. Secondly you can help me out you just cant tell me where I can get guns from but I have some places in mind, Buyairsoft, VelocityArms, Capitalairsoft, Mach1airsoft,, FCSurplus, Imperialairsoft and some others. Oh and when I say all black I mean no clear parts.

But now onto the guns.

First is the ICS M4 Sportsline (plastic body, all black). I like the look of this gun (I don't know why) and I could have money left to get an RIS system and some extra mags. But mostly I like the split gearbox, since I'm a noob this would help alot if any problems occured (which I hear are usually in the upper gearbox) I could fix it more easily than a different gun.

Next is the King Arms M4A1 Ultra Grade (full metal? can anyone confirm that because the site doesn't say and I can't find any reviews of this gun, all black). I also like the look of this gun and I hear King Arms internals are pretty good. the only thing holding me back on this one is if the body is full metal or not but if it is that would be a big bonus for this gun. If I get this I can get some mags but I wont be able to get an RIS system right away.

Lastly the ICS Sig 551/552 (full metal, all black). I love the look of this gun and the trades are sweet and it has a functioning bolt catch and release which are both awesome for realism. I hear the internals are good and it has the ICS turbo 3000 motor. If I get this gun then I can get a couple mags and it already has a railed handguard but I could get an optics mount if I wanted to.

Your help for my decision would be awesome thanks.
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