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My point of view on sniping (myself NOT beign a sniper) is :

1.) to accept the frustration of having someone in your crosshairs and
a.) Fire and realise that your scope can reach the target, but not the BB.
b.) Fire and see your BB drift away because of wind.
2.) to accept revealing your position with the sound of your missed shot

3.) to accept facing a barrage of BBs seconds after.

That's what airsoft sniping is IMO.

From my experience, I find that spitting 30 BBs per second at 310-320 FPS has been FAR more effective than any sniping I've seen. Saturation is everything.

BTW Fox, 30 BBs per second (1800 RPM) is not an arbitrary number, that's the new ROF of the repaired Mr. Minimi, but hopefully, you're on my team for the next game
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