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Province: Alberta

City/Town Edmonton

ASC Name ScooterVauto

Real Name (Just your first is fine, this isn't the long gun registry.) Carm

Services offered: Before and after FPS, Joule & ROF testing (video proofed),
BA repairs and upgrades, AEG repair and Upgrades, Mosfet Creation and Installation (DONP SMU),
Custom Wiring & diagnostics, Some custom work, Ground up Custom builds.

Links to documentation of work, ScooterVauto's Stove Top Workshop YouTube

Method of contact PM at ASC and EAR.

My first repair to a Players AEG ended badly, Blew the Shim completely
(again Sorry Sarge),
He had to Send it to Darklen.
I tell you this as Being the Person I am,
I take full responsbility for my actions and although that didnt end well,
it was the one and only Bad mark In my service record.
Be well everyone
I'll vouch for Carm for gun doc status. Custom built my M4 AEG. Does solid work, fair prices, warranties his stuff, and gives good advice for future upgrading. Extremely helpful for advising newer airsofters like myself.
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