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Now that the play season seems to be in full swing, the mosquitoes seem to know this too. Just wondering what everybody uses for protection and prevention.

One thing that I know is that eating banana's is one of the woorst things one can do when one spends a lot of time in the bush. There is something in the banana's that they can smell, and are attracted to. On the opposite side, there are a few foods that have the opposite effect and they seem not to like the taste of us.

When going out, I like to use a repellent that has at least 12% DEET in it. I think the pumps are best asopposed to aerosol sprays. Less loss on spraying. Scented deodorants, colognes, and aftershaves are merely spice to them.

A buddy of mine claims that Vic's Vaporub works too. How he found that out, I'm not asking him.
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