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Review Request: Thermold Magazines

I just thought that it would be nice if someone could write up a quick review and compair the thermold type m16 magazines. I currently own 2 G&P thermolds and after owning them for a while I have found them to not be the best out there but still worth the troubles.

Hopefully this will help other members out aswell as myself if anyone could post some info on other brand thermold m16 magazines...

Heres my own quick review of the G&P Thermold magazines:

When you first get these magazines they require alot of work and silicone oil to get them to work properly. Even still they jam ocassionally which requires me to remove the mag and search for the nearest tree to bash it against in order to dislodge the internal spring and feed bb's. This is very annoying when heavily engadged. I have a feeling that they will improve over time and stop jamming.

There are plusses about these mags though, they are plastic and therefore do not wear as fast as metal mags, which makes it easier on your gun over time. Any wear to them is not very noticable. The thermold magazines also look very nice and are rather easy to disassemble. Being plastic, they also reduce a fare bit of noise when reloading. Very sturdy, especially when you need to bash it against that tree a few more times to dislodge its spring :P

The price was right for about $45.00 each(purchased at SpecArms) and they carry a max of about 130 rounds which is quite a bit for a non-winding magazine. I prefer using lowcaps and midcaps because i cant stand winding a magazine and having to deal with the noise as bb's bounce around inside your mags chamber. The only time you get noise with the G&P thermold is if the spring gets stuck and you got loose bb's floating around inside. Easilly fixable by a swift bash to your local tree or buddies helmet, if he happens to have one on.
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