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As a still a mostly newb (only got a half decent gun last week) whose gear has to pull double duty... take my opinion with a grain of salt but just let Darwin take over. Do you have the right to tell me NOT to show up on the field, if there arenít strict uniform/costuming rules enforced? No. If I pay my 25$ field fee and show up in shorts/t-shirt and carrying a spinger shotgun and wearing foggy glasses AND wandering around on my own like a X-Box playerÖ just go ahead, and claim an easy kill. Several even. If I give up well then boo hoo for me.

Iíve learned thereís a definite curve to the game. The seasoned player would have spent more, sure, but thereís a learning/reflex curve and an instinct curveÖ and those arenít always the same thing. Pain and discomfort are lessons the body learns. First game you show up half naked, you wander alone, youíre lit up. Second game youíre overburdened with clothing and gear, you stick to your drinking buddies, youíre lit up. Slowly, you get your comfort zone, and your gear & AEG are extensions of your body, and you stick to teammates thatíll keep you alive.

Iíd say the learning curve is part of the fun; Iím having fun with it at any rate.
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