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It's not that we don't like talking about this subject. It's that people always ask about cheap guns. Realize one thing, if nothing else: Airsoft is not for the faint-of-wallet. It will cost a lot to start, and it will cost a lot to upkeep.

Cheap guns are not common in Canada? By cheap guns do you mean the $20 ones on Ebay? It's because guns of all cheapnesses and expensivenesses get seized at the border making their way up here from the States. This is an Airsoft forum - not a Softair forum. Hence the prevalence and preference for Airsoft guns.

People who "want to screw around with those crappy guns" tend to get arrested, or worse, shot. If there's a second thing you learn about airsoft, it's that you don't "screw around" with them. Same goes for Softair. And replica guns. Well hell, I guess I could just blanket this with "don't screw around with guns of any kind, period."
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