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Originally Posted by Moving_target
Can't claim that for sure though, since I have yet to personally come across that hot of an AEG, but am sure it helps with your question.

No comments lol
Ya, but like I said, I haven't tried your SG-1 yet! Hehe, still, like Ive said to you, gotta get that beast under control unless you have throwing BBs as a back up planned for next game day.

Originally Posted by Gob
that was very usefull, thank you. I have another question relating heavier bbs. For exemple if i buy an asp-2 type 96 with a 500 fps kit, it will be 500 fps with that kind of bbs? If you use .36, would the fps be reduced? If not, whats the point of a 500 fps kit, or can you cut the spring to reduce it or something like that?
I'll cut out the filler of what I said before, and tell you this. Personally, I've found close to a 100fps difference between using .2g BBs and .36g BBs. Where my M24 will read ~420fps with .2g, I'll get about 315fps with a .36g BB. Keep in mind that upgrades are meant to get heavier BBs to the target faster. Heavier BBs are used to cut through brush easier (.2g BBs are BADDDDDDD at getting anywhere when more than just air is in the way), and to be more resistant to crosswind conditions. So, you use a heavier BB to ensure longer range, while maintaining a felt hit more than just a single raindrop, and to get through light obstacles to increase the chances of a confirmed "kill". No one in airsoft upgrades a gun with the mentality of causing more pain to someone, it just gets damn frustrating to dump a full low cap of .20g BBs on a guy 50ft away, behind tall dead grass, to have none of them get through to get a hit (stock MP5). Am damn sure if I had have been using .25g BBs, I could have used less ammo in the same case. Once you sort out using better (heavier) ammo, you'll see that an upgrade is pretty much only 25% of the performance upgrade needed to make things work well. Upgrade doesn't make a light BB defeat brush or distance better, it just makes a heavier BB get there a bit faster.
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