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Originally Posted by koonz View Post
i guess youre right lol. i made a 200 ft crawl to get behind an opposing sniper to then find out that he had a support gunner behind him forcing me to crawl another 100 ft. then time ran out
Originally Posted by Dart View Post
Nothing worse than getting into the perfect location just as the game whistle goes.
This is the reason that most of us don't run in a full sniper role at scrim just don't have the time.....or in some cases, the distance to do much more than fall back to flank.
Run DMR or sharp shooter at scrims to work on your angles, reflex shooting, ranges, and movements.....or, and this is why we tell new players to not be BA snipers until they some other kit, run your AEG for the day.
Milsim games are where a sniper is able to fully exploit their skill set to get maximum effect, and the results can be very satisfying.

**The stock of the CA M24 is fiberglass with a 1/8 x 3/4 x 12 inch steel reinforcement bar along each side. Makes for a very strong platform for stability and durability.....if not a heavy one.

**"Level ONE snipers" do NOT require a certification. You are limited to no more than 450 fps chronographed with 0.20 weight BBs (you may use any weight to field but you may NOT exceed 450fps with 0.20s..period). This ONLY applies to BA (bolt action airsoft rifles) and NOT an electric or AEG versions of sniper rifles (such as the Real Sword Dragonov, or TM PSG1). AEGs are limited to 400 fps with 0.20 weight BBs, but this can be superseded by regional community fps limits (such as with the central Canada located JOC airsoft community) and private fields (such as the Team Ghost outdoor field which has a 450 fps AEG limit).
****Remember that the HOST has final say on anything, including fps limits and if they are going to endorse the BA certification program for particular events. Read the game posts for event rules for every event you are going to attend to ensure that you will not be turned away from the event at the chronograph station!!!

The level two certification introduces MED (minimum engagement distances to account for the higher fps limit of 500 fps) and a whole wack of basic skills to assist the "sniper" in for filling there desired role with higher success. Safety is the major aspect covered in the clinic, with little bits of theory pitched in here and there. The practical aspect is focused on wood craft, shooting positions, movements, and bounds.........and if you think bounding is easy......HA!! Why do you think that almost every reasonably good sniper is a skinny rail??? It's hard work if you take it seriously...but yeah, it can be very rewarding....and help you loose a couple pounds in the process..LOL

Originally Posted by Kit View Post
I want to get something decent off Toronto Airsoft. So if you can recommend something off there that's good. Also everything they have for springers is out of stock witch is kinda a piss off but I can wait.
Hmmmm, I thought that having patients was one of the hallmarks of being a good sniper. LOL


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