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I was the sniper in a 'movie' shot with expensive cameras...80k+, which to me means that it was pro

I got shot and did a dying thing while shooting my beretta in the air while dying and collapsing to the ground, wearing my ghillie of course...then the guy who shot me walked up to me and kicked my side and i rolled over on my back, exposing...the grenade in my hand...BOOM! <insert CG here!>

it was great fun, in a rainy GVRD river area somewhere out in langley a forest...

they rewarded us with snacks and beer. Oh and Xbox and playstation after. It was fun.

The worst part was the drive out there.

Id definately do it, but all I have is cadpat cadpat cadpat...but many people in vancouver have a replicated SVD dragunov to offer for a movie....take me take me!...US forces would use a dragunov if they actually wanted to be cool. like me.

also have an MG36. glock 19, 2 m92 berettas, one OD one black. mmm and im 19 and like drinking. theres my resume. have at it
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