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We have discussed which type of camo we would like to use and have found that CADPAT is too green. In some cases the green looks almost neon. MARPAT is newer and has duller colours. Also, we have been contact by a group that has access to MULTICAM and well...its MULTICAM!!

For examples of our work, you can check out the
"SPANK" is our first short film that has screend in over 20 film festivals, received 16 awards and is the 6th indie-film in Canadian history to 'out-gross' it's budget (that means we actually got to pay the cast!)

Information on THIS feature film, can be found at:

The only guarantee we can give you is that our location is on private property, OUT of view from the public, is notorious for having films being filmed there AND we have all filming permits. This is not the first time we've filmed a movie, its also not the first time we've used airsoft, and i dont think it will be the last.

Thanks for the input and interest...keep 'em coming!
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