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I live in Surrey, Full CADPAT uniform and M4 Commando (m733).

Have been thinking about getting marpat for a second uniform and will most likely have a pistol by that time. I have a feeling you would be more successfull look wise if you use an all CADPAT squad. Unless you HAVE to use american military units in your film.

Anyways I have a question: Do you have an example of your work that we can see that will give us an idea of your professionalism in the movie making industry?

One more: What garantee do we have that we will be protected by law to use our AEG's on your movie set and what attention would be taken to ensure that all owners of airsoft will be using them in a safe manner?

I hope you came expecting a few disbelievers, we feel very protective about our sport and the publicity it recieves. All we require is a little bit more info.

if you need me, contact me at
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