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I admit I used to look down on airsoft.
It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that small bb's could be used better than larger paintballs. The honor system threw me off playing with paintballers who whipe. One day I realized that paint was messy and I didn't like having to be all greasy till I got home and showered. If they don't call their hits, light them the fuck up, same as paintball.

After my conversion, I only miss one thing. Being able to bring a croup of buddies in for a single game day. But with that said, It would probably hurt the basis for the honor system.

I had an old buddy (paintballer, works at FR) tell me airsoft stinks. Granted propane does smell bad, its not as gross as paintball smell. He also said airsoft guys whine about getting paint on their kit. After getting paint on my ciras and pouches, Damn right I hate paint.

To each their own.
In the end, if they wont listen to the merits, don't listen to the criticism.
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