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Originally Posted by Fanaticea View Post
True, the externals are terrible, however, as I have personally found, the Aftermath Kraken (AK47) is a butt-kicker out of the box. I've had mine going hard for well over a year now. Its been dropped, rained on and had well over 10,000 rds put through and its still going flawlessly, and I haven't done a single thing to it yet. Performance-wise I out range guys with ICSs and G&Gs regularly (it out ranges my stock G&G M4). Granted, if you have the money go with a good brand, but as a beginner gun or as a loner (that's what mine is ) for $180 I can't help but recommend it .

Now having said, that I'm not sure if its the same case with cybergun's 74u

Your Kraken didn't break. Neither did my Classic Army G36. What does that have to do with CYMA?
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