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Originally Posted by the man behind the rifle View Post
anyone have any experience looking at their .3g. apperantly their a sub brand of bioval ?
Green Devils are not a subbrand or rebrand. They are made specifically for the UK Green Devil brand Owner (Ironfoot Industries). I am the exclusive Canadian Distributor.

The pics shown in the earlier thread were of product that had been exposed to excessive heat. I have seen other brands exhibit the same type of deformities, some much worse. Any BB made from plastic or biodegradeable material would do that. I've got some ECO Bastards from one of my customers that look like little potatoes they are so deformed. I'm sure they did not leave the factory that way and I highly doubt they were sold in that condition. I know the samples shown in the other thread did not leave for the client like that as every sample bag is hand packed.

For those who have had problems with my product (and I'm sure other brands reps/suppliers would like this), please contact us with problems you've had. It would be nice to know if there are issues with the product we could address with our suppliers. It's very disconserting to hear about problems for the first time in a public forum and not have any info to go on as to if it's an actual product issue or a gun/mag issue. I was at OP Mason Relic the entire event and I heard of no issues being brought up at the event from any one.

As Oborous said, airsoft guns can be just like real guns. Try out several brands and use the one your gun performs with best.

If you want to try them out, PM me your address and I'll mail you some samples of whatever weights you want free of charge.
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