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Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
I have received 8 packages with 5 of them NOT Canada Post due to the strike :P... Thank god for DHL and FedEX lol. Out of the 5 packages, I only had to pay fees on one DHL package T.T.

Here's the current status of 3 of mine, while there are 3 more in *limbo* which should have been here if not for the strike/lockout...

Not sure why they declare a labour disruption on July 3rd for 2 of my shipments though... Poor excuse for workers being lazy?

That July 2 one should have been posted LONG ago if not for the stupid lockout and HK post refusing to accept packages... My other 3 are shipped but have not even been updated yet...
Okay. Ya that's sucky. And I thought getting the June 30th update on July 8th was odd, yours is just weird!
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