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I love Green Devils; Last season they are all I shot. My highly tuned AEG's, GBB's, and crappy AEG's all love them. One tuned AEG does not like Green Devil .25's, just shoots slow, but I find Airsoft Guns are like real guns, not all ammo works for all guns. When they say biodegradible, I know it's true. They do not degrade with water alone, it must be dirt and water (and have seen them crumble in 24 hours with dirt, water, and air) but water soaking them for weeks doesn't hurt them.

I've spoken with Scarecrow and know the QA improvements he's gone through and would trust them in my guns; just that logistically Green Devils are more convienent.

Personally; I have seen such a massive improvement in BB's in Canada, I think we're maybe nitpicking. Compared to trying out some of the 'good' non-homegrown brands, I am amazed at how good we have it now and am surprised at actually how crappy the brands I started with are.
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