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Hello folks!

Hey guys,

My name is Steve. I'm 36, and I'm just becoming interested in Airsoft. I started working at Supply SGT, and half the people that come in there are airsoft guys, and they've been bugging me to go play, so I went and checked out capitol airsoft this evening.

The guys there were really helpful, and allowed me to fire quite a few guns to see what I liked, I decided to buy one from one of the staff... I think he goes by Phoenix here?

Anyway, about me... I've done a myriad of jobs over the years, including the canadian military, americian police force, tons of security and close protection duty jobs, and bouncing, and yes, now, Supply SGT. I'm an avid gamer, I like long walks on the beach (so long as they involve women and frosty cold beverages)... Bah, anything else you wish to know, just ask.

Look forward to seeing you all on the field! Hopefully I can get out to some games soon, though my schedule is pretty hectic.

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